Rosolini's Pizzeria


Why don’t eat it?

Always attentive to the latest trends in gastronomy, our pizzeria in Rosolini offers diners a rich selection of pizzas, light, fragrant and digestible. The menu includes specialties made with mixtures and flours of quality. We offer both traditional pizzas and more unusual and special preparations. Don't make us wait any longer: start now your journey in taste!

Pizzeria Rosolini

Quality ingredients


We want to offer our guests only the best. For this reason we carefully select the most genuine ingredients, turning exclusively to trusted producers. We always guarantee the absolute freshness of the raw materials, in full compliance with the regulations currently in force.
pizza ripiena

Stuffed edges


A peculiarity of our pizza is represented by the stuffed edge, also called cornicione, able to contain inside a light dough and to surround a tasty and varied filling. Reach the pizzeria immediately: don't miss out on this inviting speciality!

The mixture






Menu pizza

pizze rosse



pizze bianche